Test & Inspection

Compressive in house testing

  • Vibration testing and slip table. Vibration X,Y&Z axis, Frequency 5-2300Hz, Max displacement 51mm, Shock force 10000Kgf half sine, Rated random and sine force 5000 Kgf.
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) Temp. -100° to +200°C, Vibration: 75gRMS, Thermal Ramp Rate 70-100°, Table 762x762mm, Capacity 142kg
  • Thermal chamber/Remote conditioner. Size 97x97x81cm, Temp. -70° to +190°, Rate of temp change 4° per min. Airflow 900CFM/*300CFM in remote conditioner mode
  • Thermal chamber 150x120x1200cm, Temp range -45°to +80°C, Rate of change 4° C per min.
  • Optical Fiber testing set up OTDR
  • RF Network Analysis testing up to 26.5GHz
  • Automated Insulation breakdown, High voltage- and Connectivity testing up to 2000 points