Role Equipment

Role Equipment

Defsys Solution has in Gurgaon a modern and fully OEM certified production line for role equipment for the fighter aircraft pylons and external fuel tanks. The 56000 square feet facility is fully equipped for aero structure assembly and aerostructure linear, curved and circular manual and semiautomatic welding. Beside inhouse X-ray facility, the production line contains Aircraft pylon and external Droptank integration line, Wireharness test facility, Fuel tank wet cell test facility, Paint facility and paint curing owen. The products leaving the facility are fully airworthy and ready for installation on a aircraft.

Pylons & Drop Tanks

Defsys is also engaged in manufacturing of electromechanical equipment’s like Pylons for Drop Tanks and other munition systems. A Pylon connects the engine to the airframe of an aircraft & Drop tanks are an auxiliary fuel tank used on military fighting airplanes to extend their flying range.

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Our few capabilities are -

  • Paint Booth
  • Pylon Mechanical structure assembly line
  • Wire harness shop
  • Pylon integration line
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