Electro-Optical Systems

Airborne EO/IR Payloads

Defsys provides airborne EO payloads for Border Security, Coast Guard & Sea patrol, search & rescue applications. Our products are used for UAV’s, helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft platforms.

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Maritime EO/IR Payloads

Defsys Solutions has an established range of products for Day/Night Observation System for Maritime Vessels. We provide short range solutions for small boats and long range solutions for large battleships which is suitable for all private commercial & military requirements.

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Land EO/IR Payloads

Defsys offers Land EO payloads for Panoramic Automatic Intruder Detection & Recognition System which uses scan mode for Intruder Detection & observation mode for Intruder identification and tracking.

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UAV EO/IR Payloads

Defsys UAV Payloads are designed for very low weight requirements, incorporating light weight technologies and utilizing a lightweight dome cover and window, in order to minimize the weight, for Day or Night use on board tactical mini-UAVs.

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Thermal Imaging Cameras

Defsys Thermal Imaging Cameras are night vision cameras which provide excellent image quality for day and night use. These homeland security cameras are suitable for a wide range of air surveillance, land and sea applications.

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